5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate


Everybody has something they want to sell nowadays. So how do you stand out and gain the attention of the readers? By following these steps you greatly increase you chances of converting a reader into a customer. These tips are no secret, once you look around on your favorite websites you will see these tips in action and realize that your product has been neglected.


People love pictures. Fact. Studies have shown that people are more interested in the actual pictures on a website than the words themselves. As pointed out in THIS article, the main section of a website and the top left are the hottest zones of the site that are viewed, so take advantage of that! The average person decides if they want to stay on your website in as little as three seconds, even shorter for our stumbler friends I’m sure ;). So you have to gain their interest as soon as possible.

You can do this by creating your main image and making it the center of attention. Make it clean, don’t crowed the space. Users need to be spoon fed, they want to know what to look at, so make it easy for them. It also helps to make it look pretty. Get a professional to shoot your product for you. If you have a kick-ass site, a low resolution picture of a product on your coffee table wont do it justice.


This tip is just as essential as the image itself. If you have an awesome center image of your product but have a book of text near it, then users will not take the next step. The most important thing with body copy is to keep it short and sweet. But how can you do this effectively? Bullet points. They are the easiest to read and understand. If someone is skim reading (like most of you are now) then the chances of them actually retaining the info or even making sense of it goes up. This leads to a greater chance of them clicking through.

You also want to highlight the benefits of the product. Show the user that they NEED this product or service. By highlighting the benefit and putting them in bullet form, the chances of them wanting to know more and clicking through goes up.

Bullet Points

Damnnn, look at those bullet points!


Making your product stand out and having great body copy is all good and well, but by not having an immediate call to action to allow the user to move past the home page is one of the biggest mistakes you could have on your website. Without a clear and concise call to action the users will be lost and move on without even thinking.

To do this you should have your call to action be grouped with the picture and body copy. By placing it below the body copy the user will know immediately where to click to move onto the next step. Again you need to spoon feed the users, so make the call to action nice and prominent. A simple “CLICK HERE” at the end of your copy is not enough nowadays. Try making the call to action a stand alone part, just like the image and body copy. This is often done in a button format with an icon or some sort of text to entice the user even more.

You should also have call to action buttons at the bottom of your webpage. If a user decides to read more and scroll down it is much more convenient for them to have a button down there when they are done reading than to have to scroll back up.

Call To Action

A nice combination of imagery, bullet points, and clear call to actions


Wording can play a HUGE difference in conversion on your website. Just look at THIS website to see different examples of experiments done to website. You will see that by just changing a single phrase you can increase your conversion rates significantly. A great way to get somebody to actually take the steps and click that button or submit that form is to simply tell them to. By telling somebody to do it, it shows confidence instead of asking somebody to do it. It’s all in the wording. Which sounds better, “Read More”, or “Click now to find out how I made millions”? Phrases like “See In Action, Sign Up Today, Download Now, Buy It!”, all work to convert your users into customers.


If you have non of the above, you should at least have some logical branding. You need to create an image for yourself that non of your competitors have, and you need to follow this as a template for all of your material. Each of your webpages should have the same branding and it should flow. If blue is a primary part of your logo, make key elements on your website blue, but do it subtly. Trust me, that looks much better than taking a red logo and making everything on the website red. You need to also transition this branding to all other aspects of your business like your business cards and so on. At least this way people will recognize who you are, even if you do not have the first 4 tips.

If you have a bland website, no branding, a bad header, terrible body copy, and no call to action…well then you better have some networking skills because users wont convert on your website.


Their branding flows from page to page and product to product


The entire point of these steps is to have a higher conversion rate. Without each of these steps then your product will be lost and the user will move on. If you do not have web design skills and you care about your product, well then you need to hire somebody who can give your product the justice it deserves. If you at least try to follow these steps you will see an increase in traffic and conversion.

Remember that these steps compliment each other, it creates a sense of hierarchy. If you have a beautiful site with amazing body copy highlighting the benefits with a clear call to action right in front of their eyes, well then you are serving them your product on a silver platter. It can’t get any easier for the user to move to the next step.

Most importantly, remember that some things work better than others so you need to TEST everything. If you do not test, then you do not know what your results are, or could be.

Also, remember that this applys to anything you are trying to sell, wether its a product, software, a service, or a newsletter. These techniques can help you sell anything you want, just use your imagination!

Below is a list of webpages that use these techniques to their advantage.




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I’m a freelance Graphic Designer specializing in putting my clients center stage so they stand out among their competitors. There are a lot of designers out there who see a project as just another project, but I’m not like that. I see it as an opportunity to make the clients business shine.

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