I’m a freelance Graphic Designer specializing in putting my clients center stage so they stand out among their competitors. There are a lot of designers out there who see a project as just another project, but I’m not like that. I see it as an opportunity to make the clients business shine. I am dedicating this blog to my case studies about my projects, tutorials, and articles about freelancing and design in general. I am planning to go into detail on my research and ultimately how to make good design stand out. I will also be sharing anything new that I learn that I feel other designers would benefit from. Read below for a little more personal details about myself.

For me, graphic design started in junior high school. At first only as an interest, but later that interest evolved into a hobby over time, and later a career. My high school offered graphic design courses which I took to further my passion for design. Everything that was taught in class was a rehash for me because I had been so accustomed to the programs. A few years and awards later, design consumed me. Ultimately, the classes did push my passion even further and was the deciding factor for my college career path.

After the four most important years of my life, in May of 2011 I finally received my Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design at Mount Ida College. During my college years I strived to learn as much as possible about the industry and to be the best designer I could possibly be. My work was featured in the Mount Ida Student Show during my first three years. I also won the Highest Achievement of a Fourth Year Student award. The hardest, yet most rewarding year for me was during my fourth year, particularly during Thesis. I was able to put everything I had learned in college into one project.

Now that I am out of school I have put all of my efforts into becoming the best freelancer I can possibly be. Everyday I learn something new that I can chalk up to experience. I am continuing my love for design and learning and could not be happier with my decisions!

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