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Bigger and Better Site! Motivation For the Aspiring Freelancer

Is your dream to run your own business? To have a 10 second commute? To leave work on a whim to do whatever you want?

I started this blog as an experiment, to see if I liked the world of blogging and to see if I could gather a crowd. It turns out I did like blogging, and I could gather crowd. I’ve spent the last few months learning and working towards my dream. I want to be able to share my dream with all of you so you too can learn and achieve your aspirations.

My new site is an all in one place to learn how to achieve your freelancing dreams, with a twist. My goal is to motivate and inspire you. I will share tips, motivation, and inspiration that I have learned on my journey. My new site will have an updated blog and an upcoming store that will compliment your learning and motivation.

So please stop by and see if I can motivate you to start gunning for your dreams!



Hello world!

Hey everyone!

I created this blog to detail and outline my thought process when I undertake a new project. I want to share with the world the things I learn, and what I believe makes good design. I graduated from school in May, everyday since then I have been pushing myself to learn as much as I can in a wide array of topics. I have learned more about how to have a happy life, how to have a successful freelance career, and how to live a financially successful life in the past few months than I have my entire life – and that doesn’t even cover the design aspects of my learning! I have been learning as much as I can in the field of design, from coding in different languages to designing for different industries. Now its time to apply them to my everyday life and share with the world!

I am going to ease my way into the blogging world because I am new to this. Each week I will post something different. Either a case study from my personal projects outlining my thought process, a tutorial, or a personal article about things I have learned and how I have applied them to the real world.

I will be posting about many different areas of design as well as my case studies each week, so please subscribe to my blog and follow me through other social outlets!

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